The Still Method Approach

The STILL method was created to help children and adults overcome anxiety Using the STILL method you will learn what anxiety is and what causes it. The STILL method teaches techniques to deal with immediate crisis, such as panic attacks, but also demonstrates easy to learn ways of dealing with painful memories and recurring thoughts. The STILL Method brings together the best techniques from, positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, Neuro linguistic programming and personal development, into a complete system.

The Still Method Approach uses the already successful STILL method to create a framework to help professionals empower the young people in their care to learn tools to overcome anxiety and build confidence. The Still Method Approach was developed by a team which includes the original creator of STILL and professionals experienced in working in children’s services.

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Supporting teams

The number of children and teenagers suffering from anxiety in the U.K is rising. STILL gives teams the confidence to not only appropriately support children living with anxiety but also tools and a strategy to begin overcoming the anxiety and building confidence. The structured framework provided by STILL allows the team to work in a coordinated way which allows for ongoing review of progress. STILL can be used with young people of all ages and can be effective for neuro diverse young people.

  • Bespoke training packages
  • Still Approach training programmes (mandatory training including for OFSTED and CQC).
  • Audits to achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Awards to evidence therapeutic input completed by the Principles and Creator of the therapeutic model.
  • Monthly Informed practice meetings to ensure quality and governance of therapeutic input.
  • Monthly Clinical supervisions for all champions to support with the delivery of therapeutic input.
  • License to operate using Still Approach (annually)
  • Advocacy for children. Young people and adults using the services.
  • Champion support workshops
  • 6 Still-Skills4life programmes for children, young people and adults. Each programme takes 28 days to complete (pending attendance) and will see students achieve CPD accreditation.
  • Policies and Procedure support
  • Support the registration process with OFSTED.
  • Support package to assist with opening children's homes
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Supporting parents and teachers

The number of children and teenagers suffering from anxiety in the U.K is rising. It has been reported that 50% of parents are concerned about their child’s anxiety and well-being. By following a fun, step-by-step process, where you and your child work together, your child can become anxiety free. The number of children and teenagers suffering from anxiety is increasing, but there is a lack of support for parents and teachers. There is often conflicting advice, with words like mindfulness, counselling and CBT used and these are often hard to apply.

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The STILL Method

See why people trust The STILL Method

The Still Method Approach is a therapeutic model that focuses on quality accredited training programmes for professionals supporting vulnerable children and adults. This unique offer of support is built on the success of The STILL Method anxiety programme.

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See why people trust The STILL Method to understand and manage anxiety, improve low self-esteem and gain resilience in themselves and others.

“Delivering positive outcomes”

I met the creators of the Still Method Approach and could not believe the quality of the services available. Not only does the the STILL Method Therapeutic training programme support my staff to be qualified in mandatory training, it also allows them to implement the therapeutic model into their practice with the children in our care. The quality of the audits completed by the therapists at each stage and the monthly informed practice meetings allow our company to offer the best quality of nurture, consistency and deliver positive outcomes. I am really excited as a senior manager to continue to develop and also grow with the Still Method Approach as we embed the Still- Skills4life programmes that will allow our residents not just life skills, improved self -esteem but grow in confidence as they achieve CPD accreditation.


Senior Manager

“Would use again”

I attended today's zoom session with Stuart and cannot express how helpful and insightful it was. I have left with ideas, a plan and optimism. If anybody has a child who suffers with anxiety, I cannot recommend Stuart's online course enough. My sons anxiety has heightened during lockdown but whereas before the course, I was starting to feel overwhelmed myself with trying to guide him through it, I feel I have been given the tools to reassure him (and myself) and am looking forward to putting a plan into action.


STILL Method workshop

“Easy to understand”

The course content is very easy to understand and the information is given in a relaxed way. I felt calm during the sessions and they have given me the confidence to combat anxiety moving forwards


Aged 18

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See why people trust The STILL Method to understand and manage anxiety, improve low self-esteem and gain resilience in themselves and others.

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